Recent Winners

Congrats to our latest JACK PACK winners (look for an email with more info!)




  • August 20th: Laura Thurston, Berta Unipan, Tracey Frizzell, Sheldon Bilyea
  • August 20th: VIP passes for London Bluesfest WINNERS: Bob Windling, Marni Maxfield, Norman LeBlanc, Samantha Elliott
  • August 15th: $100 in Lotto 6/49 tickets WINNER: Melanie Higgin
  • August 14th: $100 in Lotto 6/49 tickets WINNER: Sandra Scott
  • August 13th: A pair of tickets for The Birds and The Bees at Guron Country Playhouse WINNERS: Bev Dodman, Catherine Smith, michael cadieux
  • August 13th: A family pass for Mopar Fest WINNERS: Sylvia Michell, Heidi Bergen, Monique Taylor, Aaryn Bechard, Donald Kilgore
  • August 9th: A family pass for Mopar Fest WINNERS: John Mitchell, Roy Evans, Pete Cooper, Joanne Beausoliel, Stefan Unipan
  • August 9th: $2,000 towards a new countertop from Progressive Countertop: Betty Lavallee   LISTEN
  • August 7th: $100 in LOTTO 6/49 Tickets WINNERS: Mark Wagner, Carole McFadder
  • August 7th: $100 in Daily Grand Tickets WINNERS: Chris Soetemans, Liz Hunter
  • August 7th: Family 4-pak of passes for Fields and Forks: Fanshawe Agricultural Fair and Fanshawe Pioneer Village: Robert Preston, Wendy Haley, John Titmuss, Lenore Stoyles, Nicole Zoboki
  • August 7th: Dinner for Two Londonlicious WINNERS: Sarah Cianci, Lisa Makowka, Diane Arruda
  • August 7th: A pair of tickets to see The Little Mermaid! At Huron Country Playhouse WINNERS: Andrea Marsh, Michelle Milmine, Dave Widdis, Katherine Mcskimmings, Lisa Lockhart
  • August 1st: $100 in Lotto 6/49 Tickets WINNER: Brian St. Croix


  • July 31st: $100 in Lotto 6/49 Tickets WINNER: Angel Page
  • July 30th: Family 4-pack of passes for Mopar Canadian Nationals WINNERS: Tina Hoffman, Chantell Lamb, Janet Urquhart, Roy Evans, Mario Fonseca
  • July 30th: Dinner for Two for Londonlicious WINNERS: Zowie Douglas, Mike Welsh, Kristen Patterson
  • July 24th: $100 in Lotto 6/49 Tickets WINNER: Sally Da Costa
  • July 23rd: Dinner for Two for Londonlicious WINNERS: Shelley Rodgers, Matt Farrell, Larry Mann, Rebecca Edwards,
  • July 23rd: A pair of tickets for Out of order WINNERS: Amanda Ryan, Joanne Orr, Kamala Murphy, Michael Cadieux, Rina Grover
  • July 23rd: A pair of Extreme Summer Day Passes for East Park WINNERS: Samantha Holloway, Ronny Nikolasevic
  • July 17th: $100 in Lotto 6/49 Tickets WINNER: Cailyn Murray
  • July 16th: Passes for Yuk Yuk’s WINNERS: Rebecca Ford, Allan Walker, Amy Elliott, Kasey Burt, Chris Reimer
  • July 11th: $100 in Lotto 6/49 Tickets WINNER: Michele Helps
  • July 10th: $100 in Lotto 6/49 Tickets WINNER: Justin Cutler
  • July 4th: $100 in Lotto 6/49 Tickets WINNER: Lisa Thibodeau
  • July 3rd: $100 in Lotto 6/49 tickets WINNER: Holly Gaela
  • July 3rd: A pair of tickets for Canada 151 at Huron Country Playhouse WINNERS: Kellie Round, Jade Lockhart, Stan Andronik, Misty Roy, Christine Gee
  • July 3rd: A pair of tickets to Give Peace a Chance WINNERS: Rod Hudyma, Anna Bichay, Jeannette Bronson, Mark Ross, Denise Copeland
  • July 3rd: A pair of tickets for Sarah McLachlan WINNERS: Cathy Cornett, Suzanne Anderson, Shari Morin


  • June 27th: $100 in Lotto 6/49 Tickets WINNER: Jenn Bannon
  • June 26th: $100 in Lotto 6/49 Tickets WINNER: Fran Rowe
  • June 25th: Tickets to Cruisin’ Classic at Huron Country Playhouse WINNERS: John Michell, Lenore Stoyles, Daryle West, Steph Demelo, Teresa Logan
  • June 25th: Family passes for Dominion Day at Fanshawe Pioneer Village WINNERS: Victoria Dwyer, Susan White, Richard Joers, Charlene Morley, Kristal McIlmoyle, Matthew Stewardson
  • June 25th: African Lion Safari Passes WINNERS: Elizabeth Farrell, David Mendes
  • June 19th: $100 in Lotto 6/49 Tickets WINNER: Alison Yeager
  • June 18th: African Lion Safari Passes WINNERS: Jennifer Ziegler, Michelle Nadeau
  • June 15th: Hot Air Balloon for two for Father’s Day WINNER: Mandy Hamilton
  • June 15th: Father’s Day East Park WINNERS: Tasha Rissling, Brandi Rice
  • June 13th: $100 in Lotto 6/49 Tickets WINNER:Brenda Jensma
  • June 13th: Pair of tickets for Cirque Du Soleil WINNERS: Alexandra Earl, Brian Egan, Melissa Porter, Quinn Broad, Tracy Parsons
  • June 12th: $100 in Lotto 6/49 Tickets WINNER: Laura Thurston
  • June 11th: 4 passes to the Beer & BBQ Show WINNERS: Amanda Micallef, Jordan Jamieson, Yvonne Stevens, Rob Perrin, Sylvia Michell
  • June 11th: Pair of tickets for Grand House Party 16 WINNERS: Ashley Martins, Brian Jacklin, Jim Ross, John McCracken, Shelley Lowther, Nancy Thompson, Suze Belleville,Rick Mouhteros
  • June 11th: $25 gift card McDonald’s WINNERS: Cassandra Marchand,  Janice Kraft, Kelly Campbell, Lincoln McCardle, Pete Cooper
  • June 11th: A pair of tickets for Alan Doyle WINNERS: Joanne Beausoleil, James Kitchen, Mario Fonseca, Theresa Shaw
  • June 6th:  $100 in Lotto 6/49 Tickets WINNER: Victoria Sturgeon
  • June 5th: $100 in Lotto 6/49 Tickets WINNER: Corinne Myall
  • June 4th: $25 gift card for McDonald’s WINNERS: Ashley Gleba, Kim Williston, Mike Jack, Dylan Tuff, Clair Palmer,
  • June 4th: A pair of tickets for Loveryboy at London Music Hall WINNERS:Susan McGhee, , Leeann Talbot, Keith Gare, Noel Stewart, Karlene Williams
  • June 4th: Family 4-pack of passes for Wee Royal Tea at Fanshawe Pioneer Village WINNERS: Sapphire Miller, Berta Unipan, Dave Widdis, Kim Walker, Londs Johnson, Skylar Favalaro, Sarah Allen, Lucy Belz


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