Recent Winners

Congrats to our latest JACK PACK winners (look for an email with more info!)


  • May 22nd: $100 in Lotto 6/49 tickets: Fatima Wagner
  • May 21st: $100 in Lotto MAX tickets: Angela Gough
  • May 21st: Family pass for Fleetwood Country Cruize-in: Zowie Douglas, Cathy West, Kim Woods, Charity Aubin, Sandra Coomber
  • May 21st: Niagara Comic Con: Paulina Serpa, Max Touckly
  • May 17th: Lexus of London Date Night @ Kinky Boots – Stephanie Laur
  • May 17th: London Majors tickets ashley martins, Lucinda Bohan
  • May 15th: $100 in Lotto 6/49 WINNER: Connie Vandervelde
  • May 13th: Tickets to Rock the Rink: Sue Deeks, Celia Fuhrer, Fred Longe
  • May 13th: Movie Lover Night Out with Landmark Cinema: Lynn Scoyne, Kim Knapp, Nickole Atkinson, Gina Widdis, Michael Cardieux
  • May 8th: $50 gift card for Forest of Flowers WINNERS: Doug Matheson, Sandy Kiersons, Deb Donkers, Amanda Rowswell, Justine Jeffries
  • May 8th: $100 in Lotto 6/49 WINNERS: Josh Malouin, Sandra Scott
  • May 7th: Complete car detailing from Uniglass Plus Ziebart – Paul Ouimet, Lana Kay
  • May 6th: $100 in Lotto 6/49 WINNERS: Christopher Oldham, Lynda Wallace


  • April 26th: Bruce Cockburn tickets: Wayne Love, Jim Ross, Gail Wendt, Sheila Larocque
  • April 24th: $100 in Lotto 6/49 WINNERS: Eugenia Pentland, Rick Boulton
  • April 17th: $100 in Lotto 6/49 WINNERS: Alison Yeager, Andronik Mount Brydges
  • April 15th: Movie Lover Night Out with Landmark Cinema: Crystal Sharpe, Betsy Mickanuck, Paula Di Domen, Sage Faew, Scott Blain
  • April 15th: Easter Brunch with the Easter Bunny: Mandy Hamilton, Devon Abernethy
  • April 10th: $100 in Lotto 6/49 WINNERS: Ralph Barrett, Carolyn Synnott
  • April 8th: Home and Outdoor Show @ Western Fair District: Nancy Christine Gee, Madonna Sabo, Julie Parent, Cheryl Kornaker, Nick Blaney
  • April 8th: Harlem Globetrotters @ Budweiser Gardens: Brian Fulford, Wendy Haley, Lisa McKay, Joe Pimentel
  • April 3rd: $100 in Lotto 6/49 WINNERS: Jordan Jamieson, Manny Damota


  • March 27th: $100 in Lotto 6/49 WINNERS: Sandi Lamb, Lori Dufton
  • March 25th: Movie Lover Night out at Landmark Cinemas: Jamie Scribner, Kevin Jones, :Lisa Blois, Enoch Alfred, Barb Pearson
  • March 25th: Brit Floyd @ Budweiser Gardens Ashley Martins, Stefan Unipan, Mike Welsh, Cathy Cornett, Wendy Haley
  • March 25th: St. Thomas Home Show Passes: Nicole Zoboki, Mike Walt, Lucinda Bohen, Patricia Newbiggin, Robert Payne, Dave Frizzell, Melissa Harris, Sean Pyneart, Roy Evans, Sophia Mathews
  • March 20th: $100 in Lotto 6/49 WINNER: Jennifer Ziegler
  • March 20th: $100 in Lotto 6/49 WINNER: Mark Ross
  • March 18th: Racy Night Out WINNERS: Loren Irwin, Bob Hildenbrand, Lisa Humphrey
  • March 13th: $100 in Lotto 6/49 Tickets WINNER: David Gilbert
  • March 12th: $100 in Lotto 6/49 Tickets WINNER: Laura Talian
  • March 6th: $100 in Lotto 6/49 Tickets WINNER: Danielle Roe
  • March 5th: $100 in Lotto 6/49 Tickets WINNER: Gloria Genaille


  • February 28: Ellen In Toronto: Beth Stutt, Sasha Moxley
  • February 25th: Ski Lift passes Boler Mountain WINNERS: Tracy Garcia, Michael Bartsch
  • February 25th: Tubing Passes Boler Mountain WINNER: Laura Mallinson
  • February 25th: Tickets and Treats Landmark Cinemas WINNERS: Chris Annable, David Hynes, Heather Snow, Suzanne Anderson, Kathleen Gunther
  • February 20th: $100 in Lotto Max Tickets WINNER: Andrew Carrigan
  • February 19th: JUNO Cup WINNERS: Brenda Smits, Danielle Annable, John Michell, Tara Baldacchino, Spencer Wright
  • February 19th: JUNO Cup Jam WINNERS: Brent Meidinger, Jennifer Rex
  • February 19th: Boler Mountain Tubing Passes: Kristine Hardy
  • February 19th: Boler Mountain Lift Passes: Lisa Jones
  • February 19th: PLUS 1 For Sand and Sun in Mexico WINNER: Megan Badder
  • February 19th: $100 in Lotto Max Tickets WINNER: Kim Galbraith
  • February 13th: $100 in Lotto Max Tickets WINNER: Bernard Paquette
  • February 12th: $100 in Lotto Max Tickets WINNER: Delena Allen
  • February 11th: Boler Mountain Tubing Passes: Christina Tazzman
  • February 11th: Boler Mountain Lift Passes: Amanda Caldwell
  • February 11th: $50 for The Market At The Western Fair WINNERS: LArry Wood, Jo-Ann Yungblut, Kelly Powel
  • February 11th: London RV Show WINNERS: Patrick Smits, Mike Jack, Lucinda Bohan, Dave Frizzell, Brittan Williams
  • February 5th: $100 in Lotto Max Tickets WINNER: Katie Barbosa
  • February 4th: Disney On Ice WINNERS: Rachelle Williams, Becca Clarke, Robert Barrett, Robin Kendrick,Meaghan Wright
  • February 4th: Boler Mountain Tubing Passes: Jon Zimba
  • February 4th: Boler Mountain Lift Passes: Lina Berry


  • January 30:  $100 in Lotto 6/49 WINNER: Anna Martin
  • January 28th: Dinner for 2 during LondonLicious: Jaime Toll, Natalie Kearns, Paulina Amaral, Sonya Rizzo, Shawn Bates, Jeff Heyda, Paul Boyce
  • January 23:  $100 in Lotto 6/49 WINNER: Heather Jeschkeit
  • January 22:  $100 in Lotto 6/49 WINNER: Kim Patterson
  • January 21: Lifestyle Home Show tickets: Geoff Williams, Jim Ross, Dave Widdis, Jannette Williams
  • January 21: Dinner for 2 during LondonLicious – Candace Machowski, Julie Galante, Kelly Dickson and Andrea Wright
  • January 21: Boler Mountain lift tickets: Penny Butler
  • January 21: Boler Mountain tubing passes: Jaclyn Deleary
  • January 16:  $100 in Lotto 6/49 WINNER: Robin Jordan
  • January 15: $100 in Lotto 6/49 WINNER: Crystal Staples
  • January 14: Boler Mountain lift passes – Antje Bellmore + Tubing passes Susan McGhee
  • January 14: Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets In Concert: Julie Hastie, kevin jones and Leslie MacIntosh
  • January 14: Dinner for 2 during LondonLicious: Patricia Newbigging, Daryle West, Nathan Meidinger, Larry Mann, Hiam Elabd, Debbie Norley, Cathy Cornett, Shari Morin, Andrya Farrington, Stephanie Desarmeau
  • January 14: London Wine and Food Show COUPLES PACKAGE  Mallory Abraham, Elaine Bond and Lori Keddy
  • January 14: London Wine and Food Show tickets:  Lesley Berry, Mike Pham, Noel Stewart, Sylvia Mitchell, Janece Tomiuck
  • January 9th: $100 in Lotto 6/49 WINNER: Ellen Cavell
  • January 8th: $100 in Lotto 6/49 WINNER: Erin Cleary
  • January 7th: Quantum Float and Salt Cave Bliss package WINNERS: Lucy Belz, Nicole Baarda
  • January 7th: Quantum Float and Salt Cave Float package WINNERS: Leslie McIntosh, Shelley Hollins, Erik Ferris
  • January 7th: Landmark Cinemas Ticket WINNERS: Tamara Bartlett, Anthony CAnnata, Mark Lockhart, Megan Parry-Jamieson, Karen Sabine, Vanessa Joyce, Craig Clark, Robert Gentile, Susan Ireland, Diane Devine
  • January 3rd: McDonald’s 2 X $15 gift card WINNERS: Janelle Vachon, Brandon Ferris, John Tran, Emma Pilecki, Nydia Oliver, Alicia Dow, Ryan Porter, Paul Favento

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