The first case of novel coronavirus has come to London, bringing Canada’s total number of cases to four.

Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health confirmed test results from a patient in London have come back “weakly” positive.

London’s top doctor, Dr. Chris Mackie, says the woman in her 20s flew back from the affected area in China on January 23rd.

At the time, he says she showed no symptoms of the virus though she did start to develop symptoms the next day.

Mackie, meantime, is also giving the woman credit for acting to keep others healthy.

He says not only did she wear a surgical mask the entire time she was traveling, but she also placed herself under quarantine when she got home.

The announcement comes on the same day the man who became Canada’s first confirmed case of the virus was released from hospital in Toronto.

He is now back home recovering with his wife, who also became ill with the virus.

Doctors say both are past their incubation periods and their immune systems have improved so they are no longer a risk to each other.

They will, however, remain under self-quarantine and public health officials will continue to monitor their recovery.