Neighbourhood Decision Making Winning Ideas Announced

 The results are in! Residents from every neighbourhood of the city have participated in London’s city-wide 2019 Neighbourhood Decision Making program.

Winning Projects

Northwest London

  • Outdoor Learning Space for Masonville Public School; Masonville; $30,000
  • Outdoor Ice Rink in Vista Woods Park; Fox Hollow; $2,000
  • Ambleside Park Playground Addition; Masonville; $15,000
  • Rights and Responsibilities of Newcomers; Medway; $3,000


Northeast London

  • Basketball Court Upgrades at Northbrae Public School; Carling; $30,000
  • Stoney Creek Pollinator Garden; Stoneybrook; $8,100
  • Skating Rink at Dalkeith Park; Stoneybrook; $2,500
  • Barn Swallow Nesting Structure in Stoney Creek Watershed; Stoney Creek; $9,400


Central London

  • Urban Beehives and Community Apiary Project; East London; $9,000
  • Ice Rinks in Gibbons Park; North London; $6,000
  • Belonging – Richmond Underpass Community Mural; Central London; $30,000
  • London’s Free Fruit – Creating a Culture of Sharing!; Central London; $5,000


Southeast London

  • Playground Equipment at Princess Anne French Immersion Public School; Argyle; $30,000
  • Recreation Station and Snowshoeing in Westminster Ponds; Westminster; $14,624
  • Butterfly Garden in Meadowgate Park; Jackson; $5,376


Southwest London

  • Ice Rink at Grand View Park; Byron; $3,000
  • Griffith Street Park Playground Addition; Byron; $15,000
  • Bat Boxes in Greenway Park; Southcrest; $600
  • Solar Panels at Civic Gardens; Westmount; $30,000
  • Frisbee Golf in Ashley Oaks Park; White Oaks; $1,400


Residents were invited to submit ideas for their neighbourhoods from August 19 to September 24. This year, 216 ideas were submitted by residents, neighbourhood associations, student groups and Londoners. 104 project ideas made it onto the ballot, after feasibility review by City staff. All 20 winning projects will be implemented over the next year.