It’s that time of year again where everything from lattes to  muffins and candles are laced with the sweet fall flavours of pumpkin spice and now there is even wine!!



The world seems to have an obsession with pumpkin spice and there are some pretty deep theories about why we all love it so much; some people point to elements like brain chemistry, for example, sugar and salt all make your body feel alert and happy. Others point to the association between fall rituals and good memories, as well as to the desire to be part of something the larger group is participating in.  How  about a wine tasting, that counts!

California Fruit Wine is a company in the US that makes all sorts of fruit infused products and their Pumkin Spice Wine or PSW (it’s a thing now)  is made from pumpkin juice, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and ginger, this unique wine doesn’t need any artificial flavors or whipped cream on top.  There are no grapes at all are even used in the PSW  which is 11% ABV.



When asked why make wine that’s pumpkin spice flavoured, California fruit wines says;

“Why not? We make wine from fruits other than grapes. Pumpkin is a fruit. And the spice gives us the ability to evoke the feeling of fall. It’s also just good business. People want it. It’s been our most shared wine on instragram and has a viral capacity that surpasses all other wines we’ve made to date.”

An now I totally want to try it.


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