Do you think you’ve change much since your high school days?


While emptying some old boxes in my apartment, I recently discovered my diary, the only remnant from my final year of high school.  It’s such a difficult time for kids, figuring out who you are as a person, making decision about your future and trying to navigate friendships and romance. And this little puppy is a deep dive into my childhood psyche.    It’s no wonder this little sucker is full of comedic gold.

On a lark I decided to bring the diary into work to show Curtis and we had some pretty good laughs about it.  Here is a live reading of the first entry in my diary.  Curtis has some pretty important questions.

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Dear Diary Vol #1 - Hilary Reads A Passage From Her High School Diary

Originally Aired: September 12, 2018


If we found your diary, what would it say?