Noel Stewart was the JACK 102.3 winner for the Getaway to Montreal and boy did he have a GREAT time!

Here is how Noel’s weekend went:

Lets start by saying when we arrived at the airport we were given a special surprise… POUTINE FOR EVERYONE ON THE FLIGHT!  It was delicious and the flight was quick!


We arrived in Montreal and were off to the Fairmount hotel which was beautiful!

Once we got settled we ventured out downtown along St. Catherine’s, which had food trucks,performers, shops on the street…it was awesome!

then, we went along Rue Crescent and found Sir Winston Churchill Pub! It was busy but we got lucky with a patio seat for 2!



On Saturday we explored Old Montreal! This was beautiful and we loved the old stone streets and small pubs. The churches are stunning with beautiful artwork inside as well!

We stopped at the MARCHE 514, a very relaxing atmosphere and great food and watched the boats while enjoying the music and the weather…

We enjoyed dinner at The Keg and were off to the Casino!



Sunday … we got up for our flight back home, where we watched my France team win big!

Thank you so much Jack 102.3 for making this happen!  we love you guys here at the Stewart’s!




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