Bryan Adams is arguably Canadian Rock’s biggest global superstar. He has sold-out the world’s largest arenas and is one of Canada’s top-selling artists of all-time. Many of us have grown up with his music, from his early days as the squeaky-voiced singer for Sweeney Todd to his massive global success with Waking Up The Neighbors. But the album that really helped launch BA into the musical stratosphere was his 1983 classic Cuts Like A Knife. Here are six things you might not know about one of our favourite Canadian albums ever.


  1. Cuts Like A Knife was recorded during the fall of 1982 at Vancouver’s historic Little Mountain Sound Studios. Aerosmith, Bon Jovi and Motley Crue are a few of the other bands who recorded at Little Mountain during this era.
  2. The song “Cuts Like a Knife” was Adams’ first top 20 hit on the Canadian singles chart and remained in the top 20 for six weeks!
  3. Adams returned home to Vancouver to play on his Cuts Like A Knife Tour. Over 30,000 fans greeted him at BC Place and it was one of the first big concerts in the state-of-the-art dome that had been completed earlier in the year.
  4. Bryan’s longtime manager, the bombastic Bruce Allen, actually sang backing vocals on “Cuts Like A Knife”.
  5. Foreigner’s lead singer Lou Gramm also lent his voice to the album, appearing on all but three tracks.
  6. The catchy chorus for “Cuts Like A Knife” came about when Bryan was playing the guitar and singing “it cuts like a knife” over and over again. His longtime collaborator Jim Vallance started chiming in with “but it feels so right” and the rest is CanCon history.


What’s your favourite song from this classic album?

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