A new tourism campaign out of Montreal is apologizing to their neighbours in advance of next year’s 375th birthday celebration!

Montreal says “Sorry Toronto” for all the noise that’s about to go down in 2017!


Sorry Toronto, Montreal Tourism


As someone who has lived in Montreal, Toronto and now Vancouver… I can honestly say that Montreal does party the hardest! Seems like an honest and accurate campaign to me! But, I digress!

Without context, the ‘Sorry Toronto’ campaign has left some Torontonians a little confused! Many people have been assuming it’s the transit system who has been paying for these ‘Sorry Toronto’ signs showing up. 


Others thought maybe the messaging was from Edwin Encarnación, who appears to have a limited number of days left with the Toronto Blue Jays!



Then they were given a chance to explain…

In the promo video, people from Montreal visit Toronto to give their apologies. Although the Torontonians do seem a little confused at first, they go along with the idea especially when presented with the option to join in the festivities! 

Take a look!


So, who’s in for a little trip to Montreal?! Sorry Toronto! 

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