How embarrassing!!! Singer LeAnn Rimes couldn’t fight the dry shampoo on a flight this week and accidentally set off a plane’s fire alarm.  Shw was  flying to Los Angeles, went to the bathroom mid-flight and while using dry shampoo to freshen her hair where she set off the alarm. Rimes took to to tell fans about the mishap

Rihanna made a slash at last night’s MET Ball. She was wearing a giant canary yellow Guo Peicreation cape that took three handlers including her stylist Mel Ottenberg to negotiate the red carpet. The memes today made it totally worth it! From omelets to pizza to rolled condoms, here are some of the best Rihanna dress memes from the night:
This is so sad but Robin Williams’ last movie appearance will be in this new Monty Python film starring Simon Peg. He will play a talking dog in “Absolutely Anything”