JACK Mornings with Curtis and Hilary

Weekday Mornings 5:30am - 10am
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He's not only a JACK of all trades but also keeps you in the LOOP! E-mail him at or on Twitter @loopdogg

JACK's No Repeat Workday

Because you can’t turn off the boss… turn up JACK! We won’t repeat a song from 8am – 5pm while you work Monday to Friday!

JACK Up The 80s!

ALL ’80s right smack dab in the middle of your day from noon to 1 p.m.

JACK Mornings with Curtis and Hilary: Weekend Show

Saturdays 9 - 11am and Sundays 4 - 6pm
If you were lucky enough to miss it the first time around, Curtis & Hilary play the best and worst parts of their morning show from the past week. If you needed another reason to sleep in Saturday morning... this is it!

The Quick & The Dirty with Hilary & Sandra

Welcome to The Quick & the Dirty with Hilary & Sandra So you like it quick and dirty? Who doesn’t?! We like it so much we started a weekly podcast. Every week, we’ll talk about things like entertainment, relationships, lifestyle….and anything else that mildly amuses us. I don’t think there’s anything we won’t talk about. Try us.