Hey it’s Jaynel and recently I just bought my very first house with my husband Mark! (HURRAY!)

The first thing we did? Paint! Before everything was put away, settled, etc. we decided a fresh coat of colour in the living room and kitchen would be perfect!

Painting 6
Before the new colour went on


If you’ve painted a room before, you know that it’s not as simple as chucking paint on a wall. Painting takes time, some form of skill and patience! Plus, as a married couple you need to compromise and agree on a colour that suits both of your needs (just remember you love them, they are great and it’s just paint!)

With one of my best friends to help, we grabbed our brushes, changed into old clothes (You can’t see, but I’m wearing a sweet Mighty Morphin Power Rangers shirt) and went to work!

Painting 1
Edging the walls
Paiting 4
Painting like a B.O.S.S!

After hours of painting, sore hands and lots of laughs we had the kitchen and living room done a beautiful “Huskey Grey” and are VERY happy!

This is just the start of a long list of things that need to be done in our new home but we will get there one can of paint at a time!

I’ll be posting about my house journey and if you’ve got any tips or tricks, let me know!

Paitning 2
Look at that paint job!
Paiting 5
Kitchen done with the same colour!