It gets real on THE QUICK AND THE DIRTY this week.  

You know what happens when a bunch of loudmouth ladies get together for a weekend?  Nothing good.  

This week Hilary and Sandra record the podcast from a friend’s cottage in the Kawarthas.  

Yes, they actually record the podcast together for the first time.  It feels so good.  Well, maybe that’s because of the cocktails.  But something feels good.




Hilary feels guilty that she’s brought a kid to a party and is forcing everyone to look after him. Don’t you hate it when you have to watch someone else’s kids?  

Sandra thinks she’s a drug addict. She hasn’t gone full Elvis yet, but she’s starting to wonder.


On this week’s DIRTY.  Has something ever come out of your mouth that you instantly regret?  Hilary and Sandra talk to their girlfriends about things they’ve said they wish they could take back.  Settle in for this one.  It gets uncomfortable, fast.




(Language Warning)











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