We have been a lot of fun this week talking about the protein bars I picked up from a ‘strangers’ house but there is really a lot more to this “free site.” And .. you can be part of it!
Buy Nothing Groups = Random Acts of Kindness All Day Long. According to their website “People give clothes, dinners, crock pots, plants, rabbits, snakes, rabbit-eating snakes. We’ve seen used and clean Ziploc bags offered, laundry detergent, antiques, bicycles, antique bicycles, canoes, kombucha, branches, flowers, cement blocks, eggs, beds, broccoli, custard, and crickets. There’s no limit to what you can give or receive.”

But it’s NOT just about getting free stuff. It’s so much more. We chatted with Justine, the admin of the Buy Nothing Westmount group.

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JACK Mornings with Curtis and Hilary

How would you like to Buy Nothing... and meet your neighbours at the same time!

Originally Aired: May 19, 2017


PLUS.. this Saturday, the group is hosting their 2nd Annual Buy Nothing Project Garden Event, where EVERYTHING is Gifted and Received FREELY with no strings attached! This is a place where we connect with our neighbours with no buying, selling, trading or marketing.

What to bring to Gift, you ask? ANYTHING Garden Related!

Some examples:
-shoots and offshoots from plants
-garden decor (patio stones, gnomes, fencing etc)
-garden gloves
-garden tools ie spades, rakes rototillers etc



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